Austrom Member of the Year

Awarded every year by popular vote, the member of the year is awarded to the member who best represents a “Strommer”.

2017 Member of the Year
Peter Coote

Peter was the inaugural winner of this award.

Being a founding member and admin on the Facebook page, he was named member of the year for his outstanding commitments to helping members, always offering support and setting an example of what an Austrom member should be. You are sorely missed by everyone Peter.







2018 Member of the Year (Peter Coote Memorial Award)
Mark Ferguson

Mark was awarded the Peter Coote memorial award for 2018 for his unflagging work organising the 2nd birthday event, constantly providing support and advice to members, organising events, and holding up all the traditions that Peter Coote set in place, but most of all for his service to the tradition of “Room 25”.
In fact he did so well he was swept to power in a bloodless coup (well, a vote) later that year.
Viva El Presidente!